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Socks Premier Socks Goddess DIVANNA, unisex, 36-39, 40-42, 43-45

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SKU: 2024_06_S
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Socks Goddess "DIVANNA" - Immaculate Virgin, goddess of vegetation, diviner of the night kingdom. Divans are ancient Ukrainian deities to whom roses, rose hips and red apples were dedicated, a symbol of earthly fertility. Divanna is the goddess of girlish chastity, purity, patroness of young mothers and newborn children.

Composition: 73% cotton, 25% polyamide, 2% elastane

Sizes: S 36-39, M 40-42, L 43-45

Season Autumn - Winter - Spring - Summer
Style Casual
Print God "Divanna"
Stock 73% cotton, 25% polyamide, 2% elastane
How many pairs in sets 1